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Great story on the topic!
Ouch! Very good take on the topic with this all too common problem. Glad they were trying to get it worked out before marriage. Great ending, too :-)
Enjoyed listening in on this counseling session. We can all learn from this example.
Great job.
Good way to describe the difference between hearing and listening. I enjoyed reading your story. Keep writing.
I already commented once on this, but have to say, I think it's the winner in Level 3. Just my humble opinion, mind you!
There is value in premarital counseling, as you have so skillfully demonstrated. Good writing.
My wife is smart enough to know when I'm not listening to her so I can't get away with this sort of thing without wearing a sarcastic comment. And I'm glad for that part of her.

Nice story. Glad the pastor was smart enough to guide them rather than run with her initial feelings, which would probably be to call the whole thing off.
Your opening paragraph really caught my attention and I knew something was going to happen.

Love the line about mentally rolling eyes. That's great!

It really is so easy to tune people out when you've already heard the story;
What a great argument for premarital counseling! You captured the frustration of talking, but not being heard perfectly!
Good job on many fronts--showing how important counseling is before marriage, how men and women often view listening differently, and how a good marriage requires both to truly listen. I, too, thought it was interesting to note their different views of their parents' marriages.
Yep, they sure have got a lot to learn. Twenty years on, I still hsven't mastered all of this particular lesson!
Oooh, good one with this. I hope they can both really get a chance to listen to each other. Nice take on the topic. ^_^
What a wise pastor and a wonderful reminder for all couples actually for all relationships, parent-child, husband-wife, neighbor to neighbor. Great job!