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wow. great observations and truth.
You kept my attention! Very thought-provoking.
You've really put a lot of thought and heart into this story. Some readers may wonder about the sweeping generalization of 'stained glass churches' though.
Very, very thought provoking. I especially liked the parallels between the flowers that could not survive in the 'world' because they have no scent to attract insects and the 'sunday christians': if we do not carry the 'scent' of the Lord into the outside world, how can we attracts others to Him? Intelligently written piece. God bless.
An interesting comparison.
The story is well written... great imagination, etc. Certainly the church needs a call to wake up and this take a great swing at that goal. Very good! My only concern with this piece is that I don't think the compasison quite connects. Perhaps if you compared the "Sunday-morning Christian's" faith with the hothouse flower... neither able to survive outside their enclosure... it would have been a touch more direct. Either way, though, excellent work.
Very well written comparison! Good job!
A great analogy. Skillfully you bought your character to a place of revelation, leaving me with the hope of possible spiritual awakening.
Excellent linking to the topic, thought provoking. Well done.
Very thought provoking! And sadly, how true. thank you for this entry. I like it!
Very creative piece, Al. Good to read another of your inventive stories. I always enjoy your perspective. May He continue to bless you as you honor Him. In His name, Karen
Al, congratulations on your 4th place in the Editors' Choice and 3rd Place in the Level 3 Awards. Very well deserved.

I thought this was an excellent message from a very creative angle. I'm delighted that it will be in this quarter's anthology!

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Brother Al..I would love to be able to get such things down to this degree and poignancy. Real life stuff--I really enjoyed reading your story and get so much insight from them. Thanks for being you!! God bless ya, littlelight