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If I could write poetry (which I can't) this is a poem that reflects my feelings and is something I would probably write. Good job!
I can truly identify with this MC. Nicely written with excellent points.
Great honest poetry. Liked it. Maybe the reason why God doesn't speak to us sometimes is because there is no need to because we are on the right track.Then again, maybe it's to strengthen our faith.
I understand what you mean. It is especially frustrating when you think you have heard God's instruction, but then find out it was not from Him.

Good job!
Important message for today, as so many in the church seek for revelation outside the Word. Nicely done.
Beautifully done! I love reading poems where the author is working out inner conflicts; and, regardless of the resolution (solved or not)- a nugget of truth that connects us all is found.
but for me, tis not so plain,
to discern the sacred from profane,
for others truth comes down like rain,
in floods of words that sound insane.

Beautifully crafted. Keep writing.
Great writing, expressing such wise sentiments. What a reminder - to alwasys cast in our lot only with God's Word. Wonderful.
This was so good. When I read it out loud it gave me chills. Such a truth to tell so skilfully. Congrats on your placement, it was beyond deserved!
Congratulations, Jim, on your EC for this wonderful poem. You said so clearly and, at the same time, in such a creative way, thoughts I've had before.
Jim - Congrats on your placing. I enjoyed reading it again.
Congratulations on this entry that spoke what has been in heart so often. Well done!
Excellent message. My own experience also. Short and sweet but said it all! Cogratulations.