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This was sweet. Nice descriptions. I could see little Emily decorating the fairie's homes, could remember doing so myself.
What a tender story of fantasy, fact, and feeling! Your mother was very special indeed.
A whimsical and touching story.
Touching, very touching. Thank you. The only concern is trying to cover a full lifetime in 750 words. Aside from that, this is top flight.
A tantalizing story, tragic and beautiful. Thank you for taking us into those difficult memories with such skill.
I loved this story! (maybe because I love trees and would prefer to live in a tree house!) When my daughter used to have a red mark on her check I would tell her the story about how one day she was walking by the rose bushes and the Rose Fairy Prince bent down and kissed her on the cheek. Your loving account, written so well, would make your mother proud.
I like this. The title is very good for this piece which covers the seasons of her life. Yes, they speed by, but so does the life of a flower. I didn't have a problem with that.
I loved your story. The mother-daughter relationship is a tender and fragile thing- just like the flowers your mother so carefully picked and arranged for the fairies. Very inspiring:)
A beautiful testamony that I am sure captures the very essense of your mother. So expressive, very lovely writing. God bless.
A beautiful tale of your mother's life. Well done.
Very nice. Touching. Thank you.
Beth, this was such a sweet story. The others are right, it is a great tribute to your mom and she would be proud of you. With that in mind, I almost hesitate to point this out, but their were about five paragraphs, three in a row towards the beginning, that all began with Emily. Maybe mix it up a little so it's not so repetitive. (I have the same problem myself). Other than that small criticism, this was really well done. Good job!
Beth, this was a very special entry. I just wanted to pop by and let you know that you ranked 25th overall this week - that's out of 145 entries. So well done. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Beth, Just getting to read some final entries for flowers. This is written with such a whimsical tone! I love it! Thanks for sharing a piece of your mother's life with us.