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You have blended self-deprecating humor with a strong challenge very well.
Great devotional. A creative approach to the foreign language topic since that really is how foreign language all started. Why didn't I think of that? Hmmm...
I never thought of it quite that way. Interesting article! :-)
You bring home the idea that words are so powerful and we must choose them carefully, something using slang, texting, and vile language doesn't do. Very good lesson in this easy to read and understand entry.
Shann, your strength in writing is the simplicity that your writing reveals. No one has to dig and ponder and wonder, we just enjoy and "get it". Oh yeah, that's what is supposed to happen, isn't it?
It were a good devotional it was. Me wonders though why you ending with the Lord's Prayer mind. It am so important to use right grammar, innit?
Great devotion! I liked that it was simple and straightforward.
I really liked you devotional.The image of the tower builders speaking slowly and shouting at each other was brilliant. For me it highlights the absolute futility of human effort without God. It always ends in failure.
Today we have some pretty tall towers that would probably dwarf the one you were talking about. I wonder why These were allowed to be built these days and not that one. Curious.
Good choice for this week's topic. Your title was a good choice too and you did a good job of explaining why the Tower of Babel was truly a Tower of Terror. Well done. I admit, I yell at the tv too.
Now this I enjoyed. No heavy digging for hidden meanings, you just lay it out in a smooth organizaed manner and minister your point. Oh, I wish I could do that. I enjoyed this very much, because when I write poems I try not to waste a word, and make sure each one contributes and has a reason for being. And I always hope the people reading are pronouncing the word the same as I was when I wrote it. Great job. I always love reading your work.
Words had become too powerful for humans.

Powerful words. :o)

Good job.
I agree we are hearing more defiled words and language these days, and they do get on us sometimes. Nevertheless, we ought to keep ourselves in control never to cross the line to respond in similar manner. Yes, "language isn't meant to make humans feel powerful and in control; we are to use our words to glorify God."
I like how your excellent devotional built from personal experience.
Very thoughtful piece.

I share your heart, thoughts, and frustrations regarding the unrestrained and thoughtless use of language we experience today. My son once said, "Mom, it's only offensive if you interpret it that way." I wonder though, how many people consider how their messages will be interpreted by others?

Tower of Terror indeed! Great entry.
Once again, I am blessed with our insight! You have blended creativity with a deep truth leaving your readers with much to ponder regarding our individual accountability to use our tongues wisely.
Great Story! Thank you for clearing up compliment, complement for me. Different languages are scary.
Great devotional, Shann.
We can use words to speak blessings or curses over others. The tongue truly is mightier than the sword. Thanks for the straightforward reminder. God bless.