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Haha! I'm an interpreter and I can vouch for the fact that it's much harder to interpret for someone who is aware of the interpretation going on and is attempting to modify their speach in a way they think will be helpful. Funny story.
His was a delightful story. Sometimes we have to learn lessons the hard way. I really enjoyed this story because my son is studying to be a minister and I can see him learning similar lessons.
I do so enjoy reading these anecdotes from your ministerial training. I also preached in a Chinese church while I was a student but fortunately I was much more comfortable with my interpreter than you evidently were. I think they may even have invited me back! But, no, the opening pun would NOT have worked!
I enjoyed this story from beginning to end. It was well written, had a great mc and a hilarious, if not some-what embarrassing ending. Good timing with the comedy made this a delightful story.
I loved the humor you weaved into this -- a woman of some area. Hehe. Good job!
Enjoyed the read! I particularly like the part "we must serve them at whatever level they are in their journey with Jesus whether they are still coming towards him or moving on with him! Like you, I also like training that is down-to-earth. Nicely written and excellent work.