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I am still smiling. That was so sweet!
Wow! That baby must have had a big back to get all that on there in a readable fashion. A fun read,with a neat ending.
Creative and FUN. Yes - not quite as polished as it could be, but you definitely had me guessing throughout, and loving what I read. Enjoyed this, Shann!
You write very well, and hey, it could happen! Your story made me grin. My identical twin boys were born w/birthmarks, one had a strawberry birthmark on top of his almost bald head, the other had a purple birthmark in the shape of an upside down heart on his chest. I felt God marked them so I could tell them apart easily!
Awww, cute story! I think some of the "instruction manual" is written on our hearts. It's a mother's natural instinct to love and feed the baby. Cute idea to make it a littleral "sign".
I feel honored! :)Loved the story!
teehee, that was absolutely adorable!! I loved it. :)
You wouldn't read about it!! Good heart-warming story.
An unusual take for a story! Anything is possible with God, but let's just pray in unison and not ask for more than is necessary. An interesting read.
You get top marks for creativity on this one! What fun read. Oh, and yes, of course I waiting along with the "parents" to find out just what was "wrong" with this baby. :)
Wow, what a precious God we serve. Prayer said, Prayer answered! Great writing. Love It.
Just getting caught up on reading earlier entries. Sure am glad I didn't miss this one! So clever.
Shannikins, I absolutely >i>love your imaginative take on this and I actually gasped after: The birthmark is a vivid purple and it appears to have words on it. The whole thing COULD happen! :)