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Very courageous approach from the (extremely rare)middle ground of this issue. Aggressive posturing - when both sides try to claim the high moral ground - makes any dialogue difficult. You (and I) have been let down by the "God hates fags" proponent; but I also find it sad that to even lightly question homosexuality is to be immediately branded as "homophobic."
God bless you, because you will face fire from both sides.
I respect your opinion very much and I think you show great courage in presenting it here. I also agree with every word you said. Jesus also said Those without son can cast the first stone. Christians do sin. We are not perfect. I was a Christian and had two children before I was married. I had asked Jesus into my heart and was trying to live by what I thought was the right way. I see things differently now then I did when I was younger.

Not only is this an important message and a great reminder that Christ came to die for all sinners and we all sin. If we didn't there wouldn't have been a need for Christ to sacrifice himself.

You wrote in very plain words so that all will understand that we can't useChristisnity as an excuse to sin but to try to live the way God demands but if we falter Jesus still loves us. Excellent job. People may disagree with us but hopefully your wonderfully written article will stop and make everyone think. Bless you for showing such courage.
Very well put! It's sad that people who call themselves Christians would act so directly against God's ways of compassion and love by more or less attacking gays and supporters of abortion, etc.

The very best way to reach people is not to rub their sin in their face, but to gently show them that it can be washed away. Love how you brought that across in this great devotional piece.

Amen to everything that was said! (I'm glad that man got an ear-ful. ;) )
In the last several years God has placed me in situations where I've been forced to be not only civil, but become friends, with people of this lifestyle. I'm so thankful for Him putting me in a place where I have learned to use His eyes to see them. I've learned to love the people, even if I don't agree with the lifestyle. Great article.
Your article is not only well stated; it shows a loving heart, as God would have us have for all, for we are all made in His image.
You've handled this subject very well. Sometimes "Christians" can be our very worst enemies when they profess Christ and condemn "sinners" in the same breath. Well done.
I certainly won't criticise your point either. Grace and love are often absent from this discussion.
From a stylistic point of view, I found it a little disconcerting the way the story shifted from a third person narrative to what was effectively a first person preach. I would also have been tempted to condense your verse, maybe using an ellipsis at points. It's a good message - it's just a case of keeping the reader with you all the way to the end. Bless you
Excellent message that, yes, I agree with. Very well put.
I can tell you poured your heart into this writing, because your love and passion poured into me as I read.

The first two paragraphs could be made more "grabby" with more showing rather than telling, but after that, I found myself close to tears from the wonderful message of God' unconditional love you shared.

This line is truly inspired: "He transformed the woman's life by offering her what she had been thirsting for all along…unconditional, godly love."

Thank you for writing this, and sharing it with the world.
A direct and bold approach to getting across the message. I agree with you on "while God does hate the 'things' which people do, He doesn't hate the people which do them." In reaching out to the people whose passion may be confused, we certainly ought to turn to the word of God (Romans 1:26-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10).
Congratulations for placing 12th in your level!