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I really love this one. What a great message about paying attention to the signs God gives us instead of always looking for more! It definitely convicts me to be more thankful.
God was certainly throwing many bricks at Justin! I get like that sometime when I just don't want to see or listen but God keeps dropping those padded bricks in my direction until I finally yield to his way. Nice story with a gentle sense of humor. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
I enjoy how you have built the story to a clear conclusion without labouring the point too hard. Great closing sign too.
Now THIS was lots of fun to read. I loved how you kept adding in the signs in a way that made me laugh. I also liked how you kept the ending open. There's still hope for your MC, and for us. Good job!
This was fun to read and I found myself laughing out loud. Please don't take this wrong...this story was corny but in a very good way. I loved the progression of the signs. The ending was perfect. I hope this sat well with the judges...if not, it sure is a winner in my book.
Congratulations Amanda. I really enjoyed your story. well done!

Amanda, Congratulations on third place.
Wow! I'm so happy for you. :) You're doing such a great job with your writing. Congratulations on getting 3rd place and 11th overall!