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I enjoyed this. I think it would make a nice devotional.
I like your opening, caught my attention.
You've bridged across from the adventure to the limited time we have left in an inviting challenge. Well done.
Many might feel a temptation to skip over a devotion but I always light up when I recognize yours because I know it's going to have a great message.

I smiled when you talked of the Tower. I've been to MGM many times and made the ride to the13th floor only to chicken out and take the elevator back down. But in Feb the girls and I did a special girls only vacation and this time I wanted to experience the ride. I enjoyed it. I realized I'd been missing out on a lot of life.

Your devotion reminds me that Jesus may return at any minute and I need to stop taking the elevator down in life. My illness has stopped me from fully living.

A good devotion can provide a different message for each person that reads it and you did that in this one. I thank you so much for letting God use you to tell me I need to stop procrastinating and startliving right now!
Your introduction is an excellent lead-in to your spiritual thoughts. Amen to your prayer.
I like your comparison between theme parks and the Bible, warning signs and God's Word. The signs are there if we just take the time to read them. Good job on this timely devotional.
I like illustrations that make biblical teachings more clear. You drove the message of "our need for salvation" home with your comparison of the Dark Descension.

Congratulations on accurately presenting that "fire and brimstone" message that people don't like to hear.
A good devotional taking us from the familiar to, perhaps, the not so familiar. I don't do scary fairground rides.
I'm with Shann. Makes me want to go and try out the Tower of Terror - even if I do regret it afterwards! An interesting devotional
Great timing for this devotional. I was reading Matthew 25 this morning and the Parable of the Talents really stuck with me. I've been meditating on His return all day so your devotional had an extra powerful punch for me. Well done. You consistently do Write4Christ.
I always enjoy your devotions, and this one is outstanding. I hope your effort and your talent is rewarded by the judges, but if it isn't, rest assured that your reward from God is already waiting for you. Thank you for blessing me.