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I have a good guess who wrote this, and it's a precious story. Great idea for this topic. Well done.
Wow! You ladies have got weddings really enbedded in your minds. Liked the Amy Sparrow bit. Enjoyed your interesting account. It's a winner for me - but who am I?
Very touching moments described here. I loved the added "gold-tooth" description. What can I say ... it's the little things. I have a feeling there is more than one chapter to this one. Keep writing!
Well, looks like we were all able to be at the wedding after all. Great descriptions of the event and its people. I loved the ending.
I liked this. Good descriptions.

One minor typo, but it didn't detract from the entry as a whole.

I smiled at the "Amy Sparrow" bit. :) I also liked the ending.
This was great! I didn't figure out the bride was deaf until quite aways into it but should have as the vibrations from movement and from the music coming up through the floor is a huge part of a deaf person's life. Very nice story!
I loved this story and did not even catch on that the bride is deaf. After second read, I saw "the sign"!
Loved the ending!
I like your creative idea for the topic. The ending is just right.
I also missed that she was deaf. But I was engrossed in catching every creatively arranged gesture and twitch. Excellent writing
You've built sublety within the depth of this very descriptive entry. I didn't at first catch on that Sara was deaf, but like others I just enjoyed the story. well done
From the reactions of the congregation, I expected to read that the bride was unclothed. LOVE the way it came out (but I still wonder at the shock and embarrassment of those watching her enter the church.) Great descriptions,and an awesome ending.
This is so beautiful. I loved the descriptions and could feel the love. Beautiful job.
Beautifully written. I like the way you described the details—it makes the story come alive in clear vividity. Excellent work!
Awww, sweet story. Liked all the little body language details.
I didn't catch on that anyone was deaf. I liked all the little references to body language sprinkled throughout the story. It makes me think of all the different ways we can encourage people outside of using words.
I love your descriptions. The little details were so important, from the pimpled-face cousin to the gold tooth and feeling the music vibrate through the floor--which is why Sara was bare footed I think. Excellent work!
I liked the way the detail was described. well done.