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Arf arf arf.. :-)

Well done. I could just see her walking through the house looking in every shadow.
Eep! I was getting cold chills in the middle. So funny and cute.
Oh my gosh that was SOOO cute and funny, got me freaked! I was like I was like THERE'S TWO LITTLE KIDS AND A BABY! Nothing better happen. lol good job.
You had me going on this little mystery. reminded me of all the reasons I hated babysitting. Good job!
Reading this fun story reminded me what I like about your entries. They are 'everyday' stories. About everyday people, places and things they live through. It's refreshing, really. Sometimes, that's the best writing, just sharing a story.
That was fantastic! Super suspenseful and not to mention awesome characters ;)
An interesting and enjoyable read. You have successfully brought out the sense of suspense in your story with a setting that started off as ordinary until the 'yelp' and the 'spooky ... slasher film.' Excellent writing!
Excellent story for the contest. Very entertaining.
You did it left me smiling! Definitely great suspense and I hated babysitting for exactly this was spooky knowing you're all alone and with babies to protect. Loved the characters, this was so much fun and yep, very entertaining! Good story, good writing and great imagination.
OK, this is especially funny because I actually do that to my friends all the time. I just say whatever creative pops into my head and end up freaking people out. Also, my sister had that happen with her baby monitor. It was picking up the neighbor kids crying and my sister thought she was going crazy, hearing crying in the night, when her kids were asleep. Anyway, great story!
This was a fun story to read. The telephone conversation seemed really lifelike. I expected voices to be the boys, since you said what scamps they were, so I'm glad that it turned out to be something different. Great job!
What a great realistic story! And I love a good "suspenseful" story as long as it has a happy ending! This is a winner!
A good interesting story. I didn't know you could eavesdrop with baby equipment. Thanks for enlightening me!