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What a lovely poem. Simply charming, and delightful!
I agree - a charming piece, simple and expressive. God bless.
Very evocative piece. As a gardener myself I can visualise the face of this person, tending their flowers, heart raised in humble praise. Beautifully written.
I like the line about dedicating the flowers... with their great worth... to God. How many of us hold back those things that we value most? Good message!
I really like the "heart" and "authenticity" your poem shows. People can relate to "REAL FOLKS." Thank you for your poem!
A very well constructed poem drenched with lovely thought. I loved it. When my mother was dying, she said what she would miss most would be the flowers. Thank you for writing.
Everything you do, do it as unto the Lord. Your poem is full of peace and joy. And seeing the daily 'miracles' that most take for granted. Thanks.
Hi Tom. I just wanted to pop by and let you know that although your poem was lovely, it was unfortunately too far under the minimum word count to be included in the judging. There is a minimum of 150 words, and a maximum of 750. Your entry came in at just 101 words. I'm really sorry about that. I hope you'll enter again in the future, but just keep the word count in mind. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)