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It truly is sad the things that Christians go through in other countries. We should definitely be willing to stand up for our faith as well ... and fight back with the love of God.

A little red ink: "Jira" should be spelled "Jireh" and in one spot you wrote "where" instead of "were." Where your parents in the church this morning?
Aahh this one had tears welling up in my eyes. Oh to have the faith of the little girl. Great story.
How contemporary! We often forget about the indigenous population who are also victimized by soldiers on both sides of the conflict. Thank God for faithful Christians who remain so literally "under fire."

Thanks for writing an "in the now" story. Just one more little patch of red ink...a common error we all make inadvertently.

"How come your around?"
When you want to write, "How come you're around."
A totally credible snapshot of life on the edge, which is sadly too frequent. I love how the questions of the film crew contrast with the certainty of the girl who has lost her parents - for a short time. Very skilful work.
I'm glad you're standing up for persecuted Christians and writing stories about them. More people need to know how our brothers and sisters in Christ suffer. This was a creative, interesting story. Blessings!
Brave, Bold, Edgy. My kind of writing. No fear, just submission to the Holy Spirit. And you can write too:) Love it. No worries about being real from you. That's what it means to me.
I'm not a crier but have to admit, my eyes were moist by the time I was done reading your story. Incredibly well-written, great dialogue,'s all in your story. Excellent writing!