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Once again it is your prayer that really touches my heart. You have a beautiful gift in writing heart-felt prayers. Beautiful job and a great message.
You've thrown clear light on the gap between public opinion and public interest, and I appreciate the devotional close.
Thank you for this pointed reminder to make Scripture rather than man the measure. :)
A very sober,thought provoking discussion of the media and our response to it.

Cogent message!
Very nice!

I agree with you message, as it is a message I have been trying to give to anyone who will listen, even to some who won't.

It's frightening how often we, as consumers, aren't even aware we are absorbing an advertisement, aren't even aware of the messages we are receiving.

Loved the paragraph just before the last--so perfectly this was worded.

Very nice prayer at the end as well.
Lots of truth here...many time there's a chasm between what is true from what is reported as being true. Interesting article.
I too loved the prayer. the gap between truth and precieved truth is a tricky one you handled well. Enjoyed it.