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Interesting observations. Personally I worry that having so much communication going through machines is insulating us from interacting in full depth. I certainly remember being more fully alive and aware of the world and people around me when I was living in a village in Chad with no TV, telephone or Internet.

For future reference, your word processor is generating left and right quotes which then don't display properly when uploaded. An easy fix to this is to copy your article into notepad then make a fresh copy from notepad into the faithwriters article upload page.
I enjoyed your observations and though I've never considered it before; I see the truth in your words. I want to rewind and see my mom againor even save her life. I want to fast forward through my illness. The important thing to remember is God is still here through all the changes. He easily adapts to the changing ways
Excellent article, thought-provoking, well-written. I never thought about each generation being stimulated differently. It does affect how teacher's teach, that's for sure.
As a fellow pastor, I identify with your insights, but isn't it fun to enjoy God's trust to express his truth and grace in spite of distractions over techniques...
I really enjoyed your article. It was very easy to read and very interesting.
Congratulations on your Highly Commended win!So good to see your name up there. This was thought provoking and well developed. As long as there are hungry hearts, the Father will get through to His children,despite our advanced technologies.