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Beautifully done. I loved the music in this, like a cheerfully gurgling stream. Ugly sticky flower bushes jarred a bit for me, but the rest was sooooo good. Thank-you for adding rusticles to my vocabulary and for singing a few moment's delight into my day.
Wow, this is incredible! The images are so powerful; the flow is so perfect! I hope you make it in the top 10 with this one!
Oh I've done that before! But you can retrieve it as long as you don't hang up, but I think you have to stand upside down and push a complex mathematical equation :) Seriously though the poem was beautiful and the ending great.
I moaned outloud when I read the part about hitting that '7' button. Laughed outloud about going into the bushes. Well done. I have only one piece of red ink to give to you...HOW COULD YOU KEEP ME HANGING LIKE THIS...WHAT DID THE MESSAGE SAY? :)
Very well done. This is the kind of poetry I love to read. Now I could go through it and find all the hidden meaning and symbols as I'm sure there are many.
Let's see.. You are obviously over fifteen years old, or you wouldn't have pressed the wrong number. But I enjoyed the flow within the frustration. can you include what the message was in your next entry??? as I'd also like to know what it was...
This is just to say...I love this. Clever, sweet, mysterious (we'll never know the message, but I'm glad you didn't reveal it), and unique take on the topic. Super!
WELL DESERVED! A truly out of the box and "out of sight"
What else is there to say - but Congratulations on your outstanding entry and EC!!
Wow! All that just to say that you got someone's message? Yep, that's the life of a writer. ;) We love using a lot to say a little ... or maybe making something little mean a lot. You did just that with this entry.

Congrats on your win!
Great job on this piece, you're style is very refreshing. Loved everything about it. Congrats on your first place EC. WoW!
So much fun here...congratulations and thanks for the laugh :)
*laughs* This is great! I especially loved when you revealed that the message had been deleted. Oh, how often that happens! Congratulations on your win, and thanks for a fun read.
Congratulations on your EC!
Outstanding!! Well-deserved win. You had me right from the first line to the last!