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I really enjoyed this. I thought about doing a story where a prayer chain turns into a gossip chain. This seems to be happening more and mote. I'm glad you showed this ugly aspect in your story. Great job!
Strong case for church discipline here - and not for the teenager either. Well told.
That old woman just made me shudder! I hope the next installment in your story is how Biblical church discipline was applied to Mrs. Dillery!

Great writing!
So realistic it's frightening - well done!
Oh my, what a sad character. Unfortunately, this does happen a lot under the justification of "praying more informed prayers." A rose by any other name is still a rose...gossip is gossip, no matter how the enemy tries to disguise it.
Loved the title; hate that it's too often true. Well done.
Congratulations for your high ranking!
Sanctuary much for that insight. I thought the pastor tried to handle it well, but when gossip is sanctified into confessing other people's sins for them, it can be tough going.
Overall, a positive challenge with enough humour to keep us reading. Well-deserved placing.
There have been some great titles this week. Loved this one too. And I enjoyed the entire entry. By hitting the topic square you ministered the point right on. Great job and congrats!