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Excellent. The end was a great twist. I enjoyed this alot.
Very well done! You introduced the children that would speak to Celeste's spirit without being schmaltzy or maudlin. I didn't anticipate where you were going until Celeste cancelled her appointment. Excellent!
Wow! What an ending to a perfectly believable story of how God moves mountains to save and change lives.
This is a FABULOUS story! Wow, you did a really great job - I'm so proud of you! (Not that I thought you'd do a bad job - ha ha, just that I'm glad this one's yours.)
Awesome story!
What a great take on such a sensitive subject. Well written and well done.
Very well told - enjoyed watching the people through Celeste's eyes.
Loved that it took a minute for it to become clear why she was there - I love surprises! Great story-telling. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Wonderful job!
Great job!!!!
I SO love stories I don't have to "force" myself to finish! This was a pleasure and a surprize.
This was good. Enjoyed it very much! Blessings, Amy Verlennich
Very touching. I knew where you were headed, and I was so relieved you ended the way you did! Well written.
I just tried to comment, but lost it I think ... anyhow, the gist of it was - WELL DONE! And I was much relieved at the ending. I guessed where you were headed from the parents showing off their baby on. I love the title too.
I'm obviously slow. It wasn't until this line: "But mostly she wept because of the appointment she had come to the city for, because of what she had almost done" that I realised where you were taking this. You handled a difficult topic with great sensitivity and without becoming preachy. Well done. Definitely one of my favourites!
Well done Amy! Congratulations. This was very well done - and you got one more in the anthology!
:) Karen
Amy, delighted to see you come in at 7th place in the Editors' Choice with this very, very good entry. The revelation at the end was wonderful. Well done! With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
A story filled with hope! Not only is the baby saved, but those kind eyes of Jesus are leading your character to salvation. Excellent!
This works. It really does. Such emotion. Congrats on the E.C award. It deserves it!