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This is a great example and talking about job security and other things on the workplace didn't occur to me when I thought of this topic. The prayer is beautiful and one I prayed with great emotion tonight.
Good message. It only takes a spark to get a fire going. Always better to stamp out gossip instead of fanning the flames. Keep writing!
I like how you connected gossip with insecurity. I'd never considered it that way, but I think you're right.

I noticed a few typos, especially with the words "source". There were several times when I thought you should have said "unreliable sources" or "reliable sources" instead of "unreliable source".

Thanks for a great lesson on the dangers of gossip/rumors. :)
I like how you stated facts and data about gossiping and then looked at the spiritual aspect of it. If you're the same person who's done a couple other expositories on the weekly topics, I'm getting hooked and look forward to them. I'm learning a lot, besides being challenged spiritually.
A well-done and heartfelt nudge to examine ourselves to be sure we're being careful about the use of our tongues. We know these truths, but certainly need to be reminded; and you presented some of these in a new and fresh way. Thank you.
I've observed much about gossip that you mentioned in your excellent article. I also like the way you tied this back to scripture. I hope you're considering a book of these devotionals.