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Wow this is super intense. I like the style it really drives your point home.
Powerful. The style keeps this reader moving forward.
You've penned an awesome poem...again!
Great job! Loved the style.
What a unique style, so skillfully executed. I particularly enjoyed the "echo" effect. The imagery shockingly shows how destructive gossip is, but ends with the beauty and hope of Christ and truth. Very powerful writing!
I agree w/ Joan about the effective use of echoes in representing the gossip. Very well done! What's this structure called? :)
There's nothing I can add to what's already been said but just wanted to express my pleasure in reading this powerfully, well-written poem. Great message, great execution. This is a winner in my book.
Wow! I loved the echoes, and the Christian message. Very well done!
Henry - your poetic talent is truly masterful. This is haunting and so impactful. Wonderful!
This is extraordinary and beautiful in both style and powerful message. Wonderful!
Tears blur my vision as I attempt to comment on your writing. To say it is very special isn't saying all I want to say. You are able to paint such a vivid picture by choosing exactly the right color of word.
Moving. Powerful. Exquisite.

Very unique, creative and powerful. I too like the echo effect you achieved to drive home the message.
Wow, Henry - what an emptionally powerful, well-crafted poem! Congratulations an another award!

Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations AGAIN, Henry on placing with your wonderfully written poem. I believe that moves you up to Masters--where you belong!
I can't add a thing to what has already been said. A truly powerful piece well deserving of placement! Wow!
This is just amazing, Henry... and truly profound. Your poetic format makes this come alive. Super congrats!
Brilliant, simply brilliant!
Excellent. It made for compelling reading. The structure of the poem added to its intensity and mood. Some of the images you used were very vivid.
Now THIS is a poem. Another fine writer of poetry who is also a teacher of someone (like me) who can only aspire to this level of creativity. Congratulations!
Strong images and language. You my friend are very very good and it was a pleasure to read.