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oh Wrigley is a cutie! I love that she had to write a letter to her teacher. I also thought it was cool that the mother was using a lesson she learned in school to teach her daughter one.good job!
Adorable, precious,and priceless. Excellent job on dialog and drawing the reader into each character. I experienced both character's emotions and not only laughed with them but at them (in a good way). If only all mom's could have this MC's wisdom, light-hearted whit and temperament!
Cute story and so realistic! I liked the dialog. Good job.
This is so cute! The English major in me really loved the bit about correcting the letters.

Nice twist on the traditional letter!
I loved the line "Mom’s eyebrow was almost on top of her head."

This was a great story. I could see it being played in my mind.
This is so sweet! Love the "Shannisms" in there!
This is awesome. You inspire me!
My mom will soon be 88 years old, and she still has "the look". It just doesn't scare me anymore. This is a fun story and shows a wonderful mother/daughter relationship. I enjoyed it very much.
I love it! The line about mom's eyebrow almost on top of her head made me giggle out loud. Great opening, strong ending, and super middle part, too. No red ink from me. :)
This made me chuckle. Very good job.
Far better, Shann. The first paragraph stumbled a little and after that the flow was much better.
How surprising it is when children learn their parents were once kids too. Very enjoyable.
Ah.. a great lesson here. What fun hearing about the Mom's note and the teacher's comments on the note. I had to smile when the mother asked Wrigley to write a letter of apology to the teacher. Very nice! I enjoyed this!
Super sweet!
What I like about this story is that it's real...the characters' dialogue was age-appropriate and believable, and the incident takes place in schools worldwide. I like how the mother handled the situation. Way cool. Great story.
I think this is my favourite Wrigley story ever! The dialogue sounds very realistic and I love the humour throughout. You did a great job with this, Shann!
Great story with a great lesson. Liked this a lot!
OOOOOh! THE LOOK! My daughters tell me I have one too, especially when they feel that I'm disappointed with them. Funny, I never knew back then I had so much power. LOL
This was fun! I loved "The Look" and the way the teacher found her mom's note. I wasn't expecting that. Good job!
This is a winner in my book.I had the same problem. one question, should the Oh, you still... should it be No, you still? Love it!
Nicely written and very interesting read!
I absolutely loved this story! I can see my daughter and I having this conversation at some point..hopefully not soon..she is only 7!
A beautiful portrait of a mom parenting with much wisdom. I love the mom's willingness to share her story with her daughter. Fantastic story and wonderfully written! I hope you search for a place to have this published!