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That was so funny! I like your creativity.
You do have a wonderful sense of humor. Your letter went in a different way thanI expected which is always a nice surprise.
Great conclusion. Hints of King Midas and his penchant for turning things to gold. Personally I have never been too impressed with ordinary superglue!
Ah, very creative... and a lot of fun to read! :)
Very witty voice! A highly entertaining read.
My stomach hurts cuz' I'm laughing too hard. I've snorted, howled, giggle, cried, almost wet my undies...there should be a warning label that comes with your story. You must have had a blast writing this thing. Great job, thanks for making my day.
Too funny! Very creative and entertaining. I hope her hands don't end up glued to the steering wheel. :)
Funny story!
I did feel a bit confused about the ties to God for I thought you were doing some type of spiritual analogy.

I had visions of "I Love Lucy" doing a stunt like this! :)
Oh my, for a first attempt at humour you have excelled yourself. I could visualise everything as it happened. Great job :-)
Congratulations for placing 13th in level 3!