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This is a nice trip back into history. It's also a great reminder to thank God for everyone who fought in a war for our country as Veteran's Day approaches.
A nice visual from the bowels of war. Gives us a quick glimpse of hope before the onslaughts begin. A few punctuation errors noted. Good beginning for a long story. Blessings. :)
This is a great story and the setting is well done. Be careful of putting too much dialect into print. It can be tough to strike a balance, but the best way to create the illusion of an accent is to put in a few apostrophes, etc., then suggest it with sentence structure and the occasional apostrophe thrown in.

Good work!
Loved this--great job with dialect!

Would have liked to see the word 'Bible' capitalized in the first paragraph.

This was a very engaging read.
You used your piece of family history very well as inspiration for your story. The setting and characters are very real and remind us of the sacrifices made during the infancy of our nation. Great job.
I enjoyed this very much. I love historical stuff and to read it came from a real letter made it even better. Nice job.
Very nice work. I really enjoyed that the inspiration came from a real letter. That original letter portrayed the difficulties of the time very well, as did your piece.
I love the dialect in the dialog - I could hear the two men talkin. A couple of missing quote marks, and, to me, the ending felt rushed. I also didn't think you need to repeat the entire letter. That said, I enjoyed reading this bit of history and the tiny view into the lives of those affected by the "war of northern aggression." :)
This is cool in that it is a piece of your family history.
You pulled me right into this story. I enjoyed the dialogue.
Congratulations on a great story Dub;)!
Congratulations on your well deserved recognition. GREAT story.
Great story, good job. As in any war God doesn't pick sides. He picks people.