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Awww, I love this! The touch of humor (smite! :) ) was fun and I love the conversation between angel and demon. I think you really nailed the topic, and having taught kids his age, I know how important just the right color can be to them. Excellent entry!
Haha, great fun with a great message. The breathing "whatever imps breath" was funny, but it also brought me out of the story a little and made me aware of the writer--since it was the writer who doesn't know what they breathe and presumably both the demon and angel would know. Just a minor thing in a great story.
Favorite line: “I smite. And when I smite; you stay smote." Some minor typos threw me a bit, but this is well done! Great creativity.
A limp imp. I liked that concept. The paragraph explaining all that was yet to be played out in the future was a bit congested for me. I got distracted trying to catch it all in case it was important to the rest of the story.

I say smite that limp imp for all time!
I'm in awe of your creative ideas. Great story--great message.
I liked this story, so profound and yet so simple. I also liked the smite-smote line,
Very creative ... Very well done. I enjoyed this very much
I love this story. I could easily picture the whole scene. I love the little boy's name too as it has a nice important meaning but also because it is so close to my son Quinten. I really enjoyed your story from beginning to end.
Is it okay to feel a little bit sorry for the imp? After all he was only doing his job...
Seriously though an enjoyable story
We do live an a spiritual world rife with spiritual warfare. You handled that reality masterfully. I enjoyed it so much.
Let's hear it for Mikel! Children haven't lost their sense of wonder, which is why they can still see angels. What a pity adults have lost theirs. I love the concept, well done Sir William.
No 2011 for that little demon. ;)

Man, I love this one! Sometimes angel stories can seem a bit goofy but I really like the way you constructed this! It has just the right mix of humor and severity. And I loved how you showed that God has a plan even in the little things that we do.

Hmmm, I wonder if God will send an angel to make sure that I keep up my writing? ;)

Thumbs up on this highly creative piece!
Congrats on EC for this delightful entry!
Congratulations on your EC!
Wow! I love your creativity. Super work! Congrats!
Loved this entire piece--the banter between good and evil, the pure love of a little boy, and the fact that justice was going to prevail. Excellent writing and most definitely worthy of the recognition received.