The Official Writing Challenge
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What a great expository on hand-written letters, especially to missionaries. Personal is better every time. (Just a personal preference note: If you could type out the scriptures instead of just giving the reference, that would be helpful. I don't think they include the scriptures in the word count.) I know several missionaries...gotta go buy myself some stationary later today cuz' I plan on taking your advice.
Great food for thought. Thanks for sharing the reminder!
This is a great message. The scripture verse and prayer really empathized your message.
A wonderful call to a ministry anyone can do. I wonder...are you going to take your own advice and go back to hand-written letters now that you've done the research? :) I always enjoy your messages.
God bless you.
Amen. Is it unspiritual to mention that I also enjoyed those letters to Africa that came wrapped in a packet of cheese sauce mix or hot chocolate?!
Bear in mind that not all letters to the developing world get through.
How easy it is for us to contribute to mission funds through special offerings, maybe even say a prayer for the missionaries and feel that we've done our part. Your entry is a real eye-opener and a challenge to reach out to them on a personal basis. Thanks.
Just one more thought. In many places our missionaries live in dangerous environments. We need to be careful to know the guidelines about keeping them safe when we correspond.
As I read your article I remembered the delight of finding a letter in the mail box when I was on the other side of the country doing my Midwifery. No advance communication has ever replaced that special treasure and your writing has refreshed the memory. I'd cart the letter around until the next one arrived. Well written.
I used to write a lot of letters, but have not in quite awhile. Your story is prompting me to get back to that practice. I have letters from others that I have saved. It is more special than something printed off the computer!

Thanks for the reminder.
Thanks for the reminder!
Your challenge to the reader is well-reasearched and thoughtout. What a great way to minister to the ministers of the Gospel.