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Way cool. I've found one of my favorites already, I can tell! The descriptive language was impressive, and the pace didn't let up for a heartbeat. Keep up the good work!
Very impressively written allegory!
Ah, Maxx, no need to be embarassed. This is FABULOUS! You never disappoint.
Fourth paragraph is AWESOME! Great as always.
This reads like a good horror movie (are there any GOOD horror movies? LOL) But this one actually had a point. :-)
Excellent writing, as always.
Blessings, Lynda
Hmmm. Could be the tricks the mind plays or is it real. Great work from a great writer.
Wow. Definitely not the usual Gideon's Bible story.
Love it! The sword of the Spirit in action :)
Glad I read this in the light of day.
Loved it! Gripping, scarey and a powerful weapon :)

Once again, amazed at your writing! Fast paced and suspenseful. You have an awesome gift!
Okay... this is amazing... I LOVE this! Absolutely wonderful! GREAT! WINNER... I've found another favorite this week! Great job. Blessings, Amy Verlennich
Great job as always. You made us unwilling witnesses to the fear the character was feeling; yet, we kept reading. Keep it up. I expect to see a novel written by Maxx in the local bookstore in the next couple of years.
Going against the flow here, Maxx. Great pace. Disappointing, clichéd end. If I read another Gideon’s bible entry I think I will scream!
You are the master of description! Too incredible for words! I can still feel - no taste - the fear. My only criticism: the last line. It fell flat after everything that had gone before and, I suspect, was unnecessary. I think most readers would realise the significane of the book found in the nightstand. Just a thought. Well done.
Like the other reviewers, I like the fast-paced movement of your entry and the images your writing evoked. Well done.
I loved this entry! Shows us the reality of Satan and his demons but more than that the Power of Gods Word! Only Gods Word can destroy every flaming missile Satan throws at us!
Maxx, fantastic as always. There were quite a few "Gideon-related" entries, but you definitely came at it from a very different angle. Excellent suspense and tension, with a heart-pounding pace from start to finish. Well done. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
EXCELLENT! I love that his weapon was literally the Word. Very creative with a terrific point.
Wow, I especially liked the line: "Darkness fought to stay in control". Good allegory.
Congratulations, Maxx! Your story had me in its grasp from the start. Your writing style is very evocative, yet saying only enough to leave the rest up to the imagination. I agree with some of the feedback that the last line was a little too cliché in comparison to the build up, almost as if you're trying to make the point too obvious. But then again, maybe that is the point!
What an intense ride! Clobber him with The Book! I wish it opened to a verse rather than the inscription. Another masterpiece though - Congratulations!
Wow! Whew, can I breathe now?? Great-suspensefully fun -story, Maxx!
What a great story! Had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Fantastic job with the descriptions, and I rather liked the end with the Gideon's Bible...
I agree with some other comments. A verse would have been a more poignant place for it to open at. Kept me rivited though. :) Nice.
This was written in very "Maxx form" I am referring to your incredible words and colorful descriptions. Honestly, how do you come up with those words? Amazing. To me I saw this room as a place that this man was in life. He was in unfamilar territory, maybe it was a battle with sin, or a mind struggle against the darkness. Either way, it was quite a dramatic and intense piece. Not your usual to say the least. I liked seeing the piece come to life. The spiritual battle was very well described. Better than anything I've read from perreti and dekker. Your ending was different than your usual. Kinda predictable, but not in a bad way. I saw you got some nasty critisim for that ending and if I know you, you're kicking yourself for making it cliche, but I don't think it detracted from the intensity of the piece. I could see everything you described so clearly. I honestly thought this was one of the best written pieces you've ever done. The quality was extremely high. Very good job.