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I loved this!

This piece spoke to me in a way that was intimate and honest, and made my eyes water and my heart swell.

So few words spoken in the conversation, but so much affect (or is it effect, I can never tell).

It was conversations exactly like this, which led me to Christ after four decades of roaming lost on this earth.

(ps. The only suggestion I have is, adding spaces between paragraphs for easier reading)
You presented an excellent story of God's involvement in the lives of believers anywhere. Great article and well written. (Regarding the lines not being spaced, maybe you didn't know you can space them after the "copy-paste" action and before you click on "submit.") Good read.
Blessings. :)
I really enjoyed how you witnessed to Abraham. It was a delightful story and I could easily picture it as it unfolded. The world needs more people willing to reach out to their fellow weary man. Nicely done!
Wonderful story! I agree with the above comment on the spacing for an easier read. Overall the message was great and hopeful. :)
Sweet story...and seeing the possibility of someone's faith beginning to ignite once again. I like how your mc detected a glimmer of change in Abraham's eyes.
You certainly picked the right encounter to write about. I've been searching for something like this among the entries. I, too, have found that travel presents marvelous opportunities for Christian witness. God arranges these meetings with strangers for His own wonderful purposes and we should all be on the lookout for them. Great story well told.
Congratulations for placing 11th in level 3 and 23rd overall!
A heart warming story. Having read your title, I had one thing in mind so your opening paragraph took me in quite a different direction. The one thing that struck me as a bit off was the name Abraham. Wouldn't there be an Iraqi version of this? Nevertheless well done on placing. You did better than me this week!
I loved this. The imagery stayed with me. Well done!