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This is a funny story- funny because many people can see themselves in that same situation. I admit to texting, facebooking, and calling my spouse but The only time I've done it when we were both in the same house was if he was sleeping! But I'll make sure we don't ever lose the face to face. Nice message.
I am still laughing. HAHAHA. lol. rofl. Funny stuff but so true. Good job. :)
Haha, yes, my family communicates on IM and FaceBook even when we're in the same house, but we haven't lost the good face-to-face conversations, so that's good.
I REALLY liked this one...funny, right on topic and timely, entertaining, funny, truthful as you portrayed probably 95% of those who will read your story. Well done.
Clever, witty, and and a laugh out loud read.

The narrator was frustrated with his own social media, so yells at the kids to exit theirs. So funny!

'Face to face sounds like a good idea, so after I clicked like....' Oh my gosh, even funnier.

Loved it :)

Congratulations on your EC!
Oh boy. I can definitely see this happening. Hilariously well-written! ^_^ Congrats on your EC.
Great skill, I wish I could express myself as clearly. Congrats on a well written and placed story.
Oh how sad, humorous and true this is. Would that make it sadmorue? Anyway. congrats on your EC. I think I'll go see what everyone is saying on your wall.
Thanks to everyone who has left their note of congratulations...and to all those who have yet to leave it. Much appreciated.
Still chuckling. Good work and congrats again on the EC!
Loved this entry - right off the wall! Congratulations Timmy; well done.