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What I loved most about this piece is how it so accurately portrayed the desperation of a mother. It's no wonder we fall in bed at night exhausted to the bone, while everyone else has energy to spare.

I laughed at the conflicting advice. How many times have I ran the sam wild goose chase?

The message was great. Just be there. This too shall pass.
Oh teenagers are hard. Your MC was lucky to still have her mom. There's been many times when I wish Mom were still here to help guide me through those tough teen years. The hardest part is each kid is so different what works for one may not be what the other needs! Thanks for the nice story and good advice
You perfectly captured the frustrated mom and all her desperate measures to get her kid to open up. Love this little slice of time! Very fun read.
Enjoyed this interesting story of a growing teenager. The other side of the story is for peace and quite from their rowdy squabbling.
Yep, that's teenagers! A good portrayal of a common frustration.
Great insight into the mind of a frustrated mother of a teenage boy. My mother, who was a pretty smart cookie, use to tell me..."Relax. He'll talk when he has something to say."
I love how she went to her friends first before she went to her own mom, another subtle example of children not talking to their parents. Good job on your first Advanced entry! :)
Congratulations for placing 8th in level 3 and 20th overall!