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You totally caught me by surprised, by your clever, hilarious twist at the end.

Well done. Loved it.
I love how you started all flowy and grand. It was a lovely story of admiration and longing. Then the ending was priceless you did a nice job surprising me.
You really have a beautiful flowery way with first I thought you were interpreting Song of Solomon... but alas, it was merely a lad in love - in need of a haircut. This was very creative...I enjoyed it, especially the end. Nice writing.
Thiswastotallysocool...thanksforputtingasweetsmileonmyface. Loved it! Your imagery was perfection.
Congratulations on your EC!
Eloquently cool in a creative way. I love out of the box done well and this was just that. Congrats on being recognized for your talent, which you have a lot of!
Fabulous. Just fabulous. Congrats!
This is adorable. Congrats!
Well done! Congratulations!