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I enjoyed your dual message: longing for home, and longing for Home. Your little touches (the toothpaste-flavored coffee) of humor are charming.
A longing of every Christian's heart. Good work!
Just this morning I replied to a friend's email about all the tragedies we're facing right now - both in the world and in our circle of friends - and my comment to her was "I just want to go HOME". How profound to read this piece now. Beautiful work!
Good message and humor Suz, and very easy to relate to.
God Bless, enjoy being home! Karen
Very nice -good details. I've never been a fan of coffee-but toothpaste flavored -shudder lol
There's no place like home. Lovely touch of keeping the focus on 'home', but recognizing that your ultimate focus is Home.
"I sip the coffee, wishing I'd rinsed the toothbrush more thoroughly." Yuk! That's gross Suz! (not really right?) At least we get a real picture of temporary life on the way 'Home.' And a good analogy of this temporary life before we go 'Home.' Good insights - Great job!
Really well-done and a great reminder that our 'real'home is in heaven. I'm just a little confused: why didn't you just stir your coffee with the handle end of the toothbrush? :)
A lovely, well-written reminder that made my own heart 'flit' in anticipation and hope.
Wow, this one's really excellent Suzanne, I like it a lot! For me it didn't just have the dual meaning of home (as in not-a-hotel) and your ultimate Home but also the thoughts of Australia, your REAL home 9earthly home anyway)...or is it? Gets a bit confusing doesn't it!? But you wrote it beautifully, I like the eye you have for everyday details.
Man, I know how you feel. I'm as eagerly awaiting as all of you to go home. :)