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Great story. I liked where it went...with him wanting to get his GED for his momma. Of course, a little problem probably in the formatting with no paragraph breaks (I hate when that happens) makes it harder to read. Enjoyable story just the same. It was funny how she flashed her ring thinking this handsome man was going to ask her out.
I loved this story. You did a great job of just adding the right amount of suspense. I really enjoyed it from beginning to end.
This was fun to read, and I loved the description at the end about conquering the dragon and getting burned in the process. Great job!
This would be more readable with spaces between paragraphs. Having said that, I must also say it is delightful, funny, and has a good ending. Thoroughly enjoyable!
A really good story, well written and enjoyable. Here's a confession - I had to Google 'GED' (perhaps I need it too!) It's not a term I'm familiar with in UK!!
I enjoyed this--the discomfort of both characters was written in a gentle, humorous voice.

The section with the jokes and puns seemed a tad unrealistic to me, and perhaps it went a bit long.

That's a very small nitpick--the story was delightful.
This is so good. I could see it happening in our local library. In fact, I may have been in line behind him once. Good writing.