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Excellent title for this story. You brought the Bible account to life and I could envision the scene as it was happening.
This is a nice job of retelling the familiar story. You really captured the fearand grief of Peter.
This has to be one of the saddest conversations on record. I'm glad I've read about another one between Peter and Jesus later on.
Good writing.
A lively re-telling of a familiar story, with some really good phrases.

At one point, you have 'renting' for 'rending' (unless he was charging a fee for their usage). And the word 'hate-crime' in the title is a very modern phrase that may not work with the story's setting.

I really like the multiple layers of meaning in your last sentence. Well done!
My goodness, you brought this to life. I could hear/feel/see everything. I so admire those who can write historical fiction for that very reason - bringing the past to life to be re-lived and experienced again. Great job.
This is one of the most powerful stories in the Bible. You did a very good job retelling it. I could feel Peter's fear and anguish at the end. Good job!
You made me feel as though I were right there in that courtyard. Great job of re-telling this familiar story!
Excellent work! You've captured the moments preceding our Lord's crucifixion very vividly as seen from a third person's POV!