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Excellent story for this week's topic. Great characterization of your mc. I could feel her sinking into despair. I could visualize her in the bathroom and all that took place there. Great ending as well.
I loved this! YES!!! Very good choice of action: Contact-Bible-Psalms-light bulb comes on...praise, lots of praise. Yes. I have never been able to throw a pity party while I'm praising the Lord. Well written. A big thumbs up. Blessings :)
This was a delightful story. I liked how you covered many aspects of conversation. Nice job and a great lesson.
This is delightful, has humor, honesty, and real substance. Good writing.
The first half of this was particularly engaging, with a great voice.

A tiny nitpick: it's (with the apostrophe) always means 'it is' or 'it has'. You wanted the possessive 'its', with no apostrophe (like 'his' and hers').

Your characterization of both people--especially the mother--is quite strong. Good job.
This was an encouraging piece and a reminder to me, personally, that despair is a choice. Thanks for writing it!
I've already left a comment but want to add another...if the word you're talking about is "sucks" I think you're okay. My daughter is a single mother of two; and I'm here to tell you that there are some days when that word probably best describes her overwhelmed emotions.
Very current, in the zone writing style. You do it well. Interesting. Good entry.