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A few suggestions first: Put spaces between your paragraphs, and if you want to be considered for the winner's circle, don't post your name. The word count at the end is unnecessary, too. As far as your story goes, it's a good cautionary tale for long courtships! I hope she will soon be able to lead him to the Lord...maybe in the next chapter?
Nice. Its unfortunate how many things fail to come up when we quickly do things and don't check to see if God is really leading us in that direction. Spaces between paragraphs would make the piece easier to read.
This is a sad tale for a very trusting person. How some people could swindle us out of our happiness. I hope the husband can eventually be sincere and turn to the Lord in all truth.
Duane, this was a very good entry and although the white space between paragraphs is a blessing for the readers, it doesn't actually have any impact on whether or not your entry makes it into the winner's circle. Still, it's much appreciated.

Just a reminder - you need to make sure that you leave your name out of the submission area when you post your entry. I normally catch it before the entries go public (and it's too late to fix), but I missed this one. The reason why it's so important is that all the entries are kept anonymous from the judges so that there is no chance of any favoritism or prejudice. So just keep an eye out for that in the future.

Anyway, this was a very strong message and the title really said it all. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)