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Wow this is the most beautiful piece I've ever read!
This is a story-sermon, a real knee bender. Thanks for such great, creative insightful writing.
Such a beautiful picture of the intimate relationship between us and our Father who is the creator of our inner person, if we but trust Him...revelatory message full of hope!
Highly creative with a good message. I felt that you could have developed some of the carpentry analogy a bit further, particularly in the very middle. But it's clever and it still works as it is.
One of my favorite parts is where God is crying as He works on the person. He knows the pain that we must submit to in order for Him to remove the junk and fill us with His characteristics. He knows and He loves us enough to put us through it.

What a wonderful story! Beautiful and relevent for all who continually let God clean their "soul-cabinet."
Very very good! Great approach to the topic and much depth but so readable.
This was amazing! As I started to read it, my first thought was to wonder who would agree to an operation with no anesthetic. Then, I realized where you were going with this.

Excellent work!
Really well done. Your imagery was captivating. Great writing.
I liked your take on this. Nicely done. I wonder... would it have been better to throw "resentment" into the trash, instead of the recycle bin? I'm not sure that God would want to recycle resentment. Just a thought.
Love this concept. I felt a few pieces were a little rough - like the recycle bin, for example, but the story is sound and wonderfully done.
Very creative- the visual elements greatly enhanced the story; and, that you used the word "Daddy", speaks volumes as to the true relationship we all share with our Heavenly Father. A very profound insight, indeed.
This has a lot of emotional impact! I was wincing at times! A little red ink: The first paragraph is contradictory and confusing - instead of leading me into the story, it made me stop and read again. You could cut the first sentence, or even the first paragraph and the beginning would be stronger. And this is just me, but I think a different image than "cubes" would be better. I love the way your mind works, and you have such talent at making fiction come alive. I wouldn't be surprised to see this one place - loved it.
Yay Sarah! I knew this piece would be placing high. :) Congrats on Second Place and your Editor's Choice!!!
This is AMAZING, girl! No wonder you ECed. SOOOO proud of my Sawa!!!! SOOO proud.
Congratulations Sara!!!
Way to go, Sara. Congratulations! Loved this and can see why it won.
Wow! No wonder you got an EC! WooooHoooo!!!
Woo Hoo for sweet Sara! This was a wonderful piece and well deserving of EC!
Congratulations! This was an awesome piece. I loved the reference to "Daddy". It made it so much more personal. I loved the description and emotion you brought to the story. I think it made the moral of the story memorable for the reader.
congrats on your second place win Sara
Sara!!!! Congrats on your win, it is so well deserved. This is my new favorite piece of yours. Tears rolling down my cheeks. Amazing story by an even more amazing writer!
Sara, I always enjoy your creativity. Congratulations!
WOW!! Intense! This is amazing and wonderful writing! Congratulations!