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I really needed to read this. The part about wanting to live not just endure really resonated with me. Thank you for writing the notes to self and the notes to the beloved. I felt like Jesus was speaking to me through you.
Loved all the encouraging words found in these notes. Good job.
Unique handling of the topic and with a good message. Good writing!
A great explanation of the necessity of a Savior who bore all our sins. God Bless.
A great explanation of our need for a Savior Who bore all our sins. Thank goodness, the battle between good and evil has already been won. We just need to (daily) claim the victory.
I would say you did the topic well!

Such a true reaction

My entry was similar in format.
I can relate to all of this article! Your writing is so honest, and I'm sure you will bless many with your words.
I love the format here. Awesome creativity and beautiful message. Great!
Loved the inner dialogue going on here which can almost be read as an homily. There is a lot of truth and depth spelled out in your article which you've presented in an enjoyable, non-preachy format.
Very creative and well-written. There were strong messages here; they went straight to the heart, without leaving me feeling "preached at." Love the format; it sounded just like me talking to myself--but when the Lord began speaking, I felt it truly was from Him. Thank you!
I've scolded myself in a similar way. When I'm doing so, I don't think about what God thinks. I'm too upset with myself. Thank you for sharing this, and getting me thinking.
I loved the honesty displayed in your "self notes." However, I found the narrative
predictable as you traveled from one "note" to the other.
Nevertheless, the message comes across: We're all precious in His sight and we all have purpose.