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Interesting read. I liked that she recognized that it took work to strengthen the outer man and so it would take some work on her part to change her inner attitude. Rejoicing and not being anxious don't come naturally. Getting help from fellow Christians at the women's group was the perfect first step for her. Good message here.
This could be a great story,but I am confused with the progression:

Why would she not read what the prescription said?

What was the prescription?

Did it tie in with the verse she read?

Where did the Women's group come from?

How does it all tie in with running?

What made her compare herself to her husband?

I like how you showed the mannerisms, such as tying shoes.

I probably shouldn't try and answer the questions since it isn't my story, but here's my take.

The prescription was a the scripture reference she read later. She didn't want to read it because she maybe didn't think the Bible could help or just thought it was a silly thing for the Dr. to do.

She was saying that running was hard work but she got results from it, maybe the Bible could help with her depression if she concentrated on rejoicing. She hadn't wanted to go to the women's group at church but thought now that it might be a way to help her do that.

She compared herself to her husband because things seemed so easy to him and he was happy all the time.

I guess the author is the only one who knows what was being said here, but that's how it came across to me.
I liked the fresh take on depression. So many people think everything can be fixed with a pill. I was pit on anti-depressants for chronic pain back before doctors knew a side effect was suicidal ideations. I'm very blessed to still be alive. I enjoyed your story.
Great idea, a little rough in the progression, but the big picture came across. I once did the opposite - quit taking the meds after a week of not liking the side effects and went into a church, got on my knees and asked God to heal me. For me it worked, but it is not always that easy. Depression can be a chemical imbalance that requires medication.
I appreciated your story. I've had mild bouts of depression - side effects of a medication I was on. It's not easy to beat it. I'm glad for your MC. She seems like she's on the path to recovery.