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This really touched my heart. Before I even finished, I stopped and said a prayer for all of the Cheryls out there. I can relate although my low self- esteem comes from chronic pain which ironically caused me to double my weight inthe last 15 - 20 years. This is well- written and I hope I can be as brave as Cheryl.
Great revelation of the MC's inner self, and good, upbeat conclusion.
What a sweet, touching story! My own mother was saved after watching a television evangelist - an event that completely changed the course of our entire family.

So often I'm quick to judge others based on their outward "shell" and your story was a good reminder to me of how wrong that is.

And I loved the ending - one with a spark of hope for a better future. Nicely done!
What a great portrayal of the inner struggles of someone like Cheryl.

Your writing is a joy to read. There was depth and weight, and little elements like 'the shell waddles into the livingroom' which lightens the heavy mood and helps carry the load.
There's a member in my family who is morbidly obese, and this story targets what society needs to understand--it's an addiction, but this one doesn't muddle the mind--instead it hurts the soul. You did a great job with this entry and loved that it ended on a bright note.
You did a good job on this entry. It has a good message, and you gave us a glimpse into Cheryl's life. I really like the way that you ended this.