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Great message. Unfortunately,
the "class" mentality creeps into our churches far too often. I would suggest a few improvements in style. Long ago I learned the deadly impact of the "to be" (passive) verb when writing. Action verbs turn a story into more than an essay. The less "was," the better.
This is a wonderful message. I really enjoyed how God used one pastor to speak to the other. There were a few times when the quotation marks through me off as who was speaking, if it was a direct quote from the Bible, but that might have been my tired brain. My brain didn't miss your message though and it was a nice take on the topic.
Good message that we all need to have reaffirmed. Wish we could see more as God sees!
Wonderful message. It is so easy to treat people better if they are dressed nicely. I pray that I can be a person who sees the real person, not just the exterior shell.