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This is a nice devotion as always I really enjoyed the prayer.
Just reading your devotion brings peace. I agree with your first statement about people not revealing what is in their hearts and minds. "Know by Fruit" is the perfect title because that is really what reveals what is in a heart--by what one does. The old adage "actions speak louder than words" applies. Good job!
This is thought provoking and would have also worked well with the "discern" topic. What we see and what we hear usually falls short of knowing the inner person and motive of another person.
What a perfect example of the inner person! Great job.
Thank-you for sharing this devotional.Well written with a timely message that unfortunately needs repeating - not only to those who've never heard it, but to those who have as well.
There is a wonderful message in this devotional. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Good job!
A great devotion! I've been thinking a lot about my fruit lately, so this was a timely blessing. You might be able to shorten the first paragraph a bit - some of it seems a little redundant. And the 2nd paragraph could be broken in two to keep the readers eyes moving. A natural place would be "In contrast...". The lesson presented is awesome, and perfect for this topic.