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This is precious with such a warm family setting. Totally enjoyed this and loved how Shay (also a cute name) was included into the families baseball hall of fame. :)
You did a great job with your dialog and I could almost hear each one talking.
I like the way you used the topic to show how much thought really does go into naming our children and I agree with you...there will always be "something" to tease kids about.
Cute story and a important lesson. We also had meals at the table for the same reason, and my brother has a "Shea". I think you said "we we're" and meant to say "we were". But it's the only little mistake I could see. I liked the dialog though.
I like your story! It's so true that at times it is so difficult to get the whole family together just to eat a meal. If only each of us care to listen and willingly share our experiences to learn one from another, few things cannot be ironed out, and with God's help, we certainly can!
Great story with a solid family theme. Good dialogue.
Very good story with a wonderful message, Shann! Congrats on placing in the top 15 of level 3 and top 30 overall. Well deserved.
Congratulations on your well-deserved placing!
Interesting. I am actually a governess to a bunch of kids with a whole heap of interesting names, including a Shea, which is short for Leatisha.
I love unusual names and have a whole bunch stored up for my future kids.
I remember Wrigley from a previous story! It's neat to know where she got her name. I enjoyed reading about this godly, baseball-lovin' family. :)

And since you do this for everyone else, I just have to do it for you: Congrats on placing in the top 15 of Advanced and in the top 30 overall! Way to go!