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I find this sentence awkward: Evil, yet, to be a believable, fully rounded character, she had to be convinced what she did was good. But I really like your protagonist's struggle, and you conveyed it very convincingly.
I enjoyed your entry. The struggle between good and evil is as old as time, but you've managed to present this in a unique way.
Loved that little grey-haired woman: kept wondering where she was going to pop up next! She provided a great link throughout the piece. And enjoyed this line: "My book was the fuel, God was providing the flame." We are to be faithful in doing what He has called us to do, and He'll do the rest.
Well-written and a creative use of the topic. Well done!
Wishful thinking for many of us I think, but for some it will come true. You captured what I, at least, imagine I would fear, "What if nobody came? It was full and everyone hated me? The woman in row three set my book on fire? I shook my head, momentarily cursing my fertile imagination." That which allows us to write can also make our own journey more difficult at times...
Ultimately, whatever we write and however we judge our own 'sucess' we are all wanting to reach people for God, as you showed.
I appreciated the humor too "Make that charcoal toast." LOL!
:) Karen
I liked the toast comments too. I was right there with your main character in the hotel room and then the conference room. Liked the way the end related to the beginning too. Well done!
A very interesting story - kept me wondering what was going to happen.