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Poor Sally! Looks like she learned the hard way that the abilities of men and women are not always interchangeable!

The unknowing references to doohickeys and thing-a-ma-bobs gave me a chuckle and I like the message here as well. Especially a good one in light of our feminist society.
You did a great job packing much 'feeling' into just a few words. Thought brief, your piece told an entire story.

I loved the way you 'showed' how a man could be needed, but I especially loved how you implied it. Though having someone around to do the handy work is nice, I felt it was the companionship your character missed most.

Very nice.
This has a great lesson. I think you left out a no when the judge was talking, but I figured it out. Divorce definitely brings up all kinds of feelings.
I really enjoyed how light-hearted this was, despite the underlying heartache. I could feel some of the forced cheerfulness from the MC. I agree that is was a wonderful job showing and not telling. Good job!