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Loved how different this was. The story itself and the openness of it. You made me chuckle AND ooze with disgust. You did a great job with evoking a mix of emotions.
Last but not least...LOVED the ending!!!!
Oh MY GOSH!!!! That was great! I can't believe that she just sat there praying like nothing happened. And had forgiven him so quickly. That truly shows God's love working in her life. And it was so sweet that Riley got to her those words from her Grandmother. I really enjoyed it, and again great job.
This is a very different grandmother story! It is true, people of that generation didn't voice their feelings very often. I think you did a great job writing it. I know I would not have been as forgiving as grandma though.
This would be great expanded into a longer story of the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter.

What a tough story to read, but I'm glad it had a good ending. Great job!
really well-written. I love that you went with *instincts* and not just emotions- I think it worked well. The only part I had trouble with was when the mom explains the guy tried to 'penetrate' the grandmother because as I was reading it Riley is a smaller child and I don't think I would have explained it in quite that detail to my child-- but that's a small thing to quibble about. you've got an amazing story here. well done.
I also liked the way you used "instinct" instead of "emotion". You have a lot packed in this one. Good job.
Eek, that is creepy, but I'm glad for the message of forgiveness. Though we must remember there is a difference between forgiveness and trust. The latter has to be earned.

Good job with bringing this story to life.
This story was so real that I wondered if it was true. Very well done.
Wow...gripping story with a wonderful lesson in forgiveness! I love the tender "I love you." moment!
Very good, a lot of hard emotions to go thru in a very short time. I, too had a problem with the penetration line, while speaking to a child, not having a clue of her age.
This was a great read! Very well told. I understand the difficulty with the age thing and "penetration;" however, you did mention "teen." A suggestion would be to throw the "teen" thing in earlier, and a little more pointedly.
Overall, a great job.
Great piece of work that is so well expressed, it brought out the vividity of the entire story.