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This is an incredible story. I know that a stroke can greatly change one's personality. You did a great job showing that, then showing how the power of prayer can do some amazing things too.
Oh my, what an amazing tale! I was feeling his emotional turmoil and wanting to release him from that bondage which so inhibited his daily living. Very well done, with a "hallelujah" ending!
I could feel your MC's emotional frustration. I'm glad this had a happy ending. Good job.
The power of prayer and kind deeds have lasting impact. You have clearly shown they do.
Your story is a reminder of how much we are dependent upon God in all areas of our lives, how we should pray to be considerate of others, and how much God cares for us. Well done!
You have a wonderful story here. I felt as if the story was built on a "telling" voice, which made it harder for me to connect, but I love the topic you chose and the way you drew in our dependence on God.
From the very beginning, I was rooting for John. I really enjoyed the testimony of how a few faithful, loving friends and the Scriptures can change even such dire circumstances. Thanks for sharing!