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You did an excellent job with your vivid descriptions I could easily picture the battlefield. The characters were interesting, I especially wanted to know more about the king.
Held my attention all the way through, and illustrated the topic very all. Good Writing.
Oops, meant very "well" Guess it's time to get some sleep.
Gripping. the description of the king's leprosy is awe-inspiring. But is it factual? Having worked with leprosy patients I must say very few will be so emaciated and they will not be able to live a normal life if they have so little flesh, leave alone lead a battle! But the story is good!
This story has so much packed into the tiny space given. Awesome job!

For the record - I know the author and the story of King Baldwin IV. He is factually presented in this story (as incredible as it seems). A quick google search will give more details.
This is factual. I have done the research for several years now and have conversed with several historians and doctors on this matter.

Thank you for the comments and kind words, everyone! I really do appreciate it.
Cool entry! It didn't sound like a first person story at first, but I'm glad it turned out to be one. I really felt like I was there with your MC. The descriptions of the leper king were creepy, but I like how you managed to build empathy for him. Great job with your first article!
I sit here with mouth aghast. Details so vivid, I was watching death and decay. Loved the unique MC POV. Kudos, this is excellently crafted.
wow. this is your first FW challenge? holy moly. this was fantastic. I mean, really, really fantastic. I might not have some of the "-'s" in there and maybe bright blue eyes instead of azure- but those are such minor, teensy little picks. look out challenge- we've got a great contender here. bellissima.
Wow, this is very well done. Your details are exquisite. I was thrown by the switch to first person, since the opening paragraphs didn't seem to carry the narrator's voice. Still, this is a very strong entry. Well done!
Really loved the story!
Keep on writing, and God Bless!!!
You go girl!!! Congrats on Editor's Choice with your first entry! lol, only two more to Masters ;-)
Chilling details, excellently written and well deserving of a win! Congratulations!
This is such a gripping tale, and wonderfully written, Serafia. I've never heard of the battle. It's such an amazing story. Super congrats on your ribbon and Editor's Choice award!