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I loved this story. You described the squalor very well. A very inspiring piece of writing. Thanks.
I really enjoyed this! You made me feel as though I were in the filthy tenements from a century ago. What awful places those must have been! Your mc was very likeable, too. Good writing!
This is sad because I know that it is the truth. I'm thankful that I live where I do and your article reminded me to send a prayer of thanksgiving and a prayer of Hope for all those who are homeless.
This was really interesting. I'd just been reading a book about the tenements recently, and I like how you connected it to the topic. You gave good details, had a good ending line, and really made me see the poverty.
The papers for a penny helped clue me in on the time period, too. ;)
Tis smacks of someone who has a journalism background. "The penny paper?"

I hope this does well.
Great eye opener on the poverty right here in our own backyard. Your descriptions were so "felt"! Awesome job.
Good job. Your descriptions put me in the street with your characters. Gave me that "Oliver Twist" sensation. Thanks.
Yes this was ispiring and you do a wonderful job of setting such a descriptive scene to make the reader feel like they're tagging along with the MC. This was excellently done.
Good job on this historical piece! Enjoyed the descriptions, felt like I was there.
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and in the top 40 overall.