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Excellent! I loved how you wove very current events with ancient ones (Lot) and of those to come. Personally, I find it interruptive when thoughts are broken up with numerous Scripture references. I know that you're merely backing up what you have to say, and it's probably just a matter of preference. I would rather read a complete thought, though, w/o all the references. This was well done and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good work!
Since I joined the membership I have been reading numerous challenge entries and writing them myself as well. Reading your entry this week was refreshing to me. Everyone has different styles of writing that they enjoy and I have yet to find what feeds me until today. This was great from start to finish and I love the scripture references. Kudos~ and you have a new fan.
This is a great devotion. You pulled me in when talking about the present and weaving it with events of the past.
Living in Southern California, I am well acquainted with heat and fire and smog.

Your devotional rings so true.
Reminds me of a chorus we used to sing at out church:
"...Holy Spirit, breathe on me; Take Thou my heart, cleanse every part, Holy Spirit, breathe on me.
You did a great job with the topic in this piece. I liked the present time being compared to Biblical times and your ending prayer made this a beautiful devotion.
The news of fires in Russia and the interview with the Russian man really pulled me into this article. I like how you used it to illustrate your point.

The last sentence in the fourth paragraph struck me as awkward. Instead of saying "In such situations, all I would do", could you say "In such situations, all I can do"? I think the "can" might make it sound a little more forceful, and keep us in the moment.

And I loved how you fit the message of salvation into this. Well done!
A lot to ponder in this very well-written message. The Russia part I found especially interesting.

I like the way you intertwined the condition of the air in Russia with the breath of life that only God can give. Keep writing.
I truly enjoyed your original approach to the topic. Very timely and challenging. Great job.